Affordable and Effective

LPG is increasingly more affordable and effective than electricity for cooking purposes. Year on Year electricity is increasing at a higher rate than LPG. Because LPG burns hotter it is more efficient.

Environmental Friendly

As a clean, lower carbon and efficient energy it is an important source of energy for millions of people all over the world. LPG is environmental friendly and improves the quality of air as it has less particular matter and NOX than diesel, oil, wood or coal. The carbon footprint of LPG is 50% lower than coal.


LPG is colourless and oudorless. A “stenching” agent is added to so that a leak can easily be detected.


There are more than a 1000 applications of LPG used in commercial business, transportation, industry, farming, power generation, cooking and providing hot water.  
LPG provides a modern alternative to traditional cooking fuels (e.g. firewood, charcoal, dung), for developing communities contributing to a better quality of life within the home and commercial enterprises, LPG can be used for cooking, heating and hot water. LPG provides immediate hot water, at the required temperature, 24 hours a day.