Easishoppe subscribes to the Easigas Health and Environment Policy.


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Our success rests on consistently maintaining high standards in all aspects of our operations.

Our work conforms to all applicable legislation including the SANS codes. 


Only Easigas can fill or refill an Easigas cylinder, according to law. The cylinder has a safety plug and a shrink wrap seal with an unique serial number and hologram. This is your guarantee that this cylinder has been pressure tested, serviced and filled to the highest safety standards. if it hasn't got the Easigas seal, it isn't Easigas.



LPGas Rollabout Heater Safety Video

As we experience temperature drops across South Africa, The LP Gas Safety Association of SA urges all industry members to ensure that customers, friends, and family members know how to best operate their LPGas Rollabout Heater.

Rollabout Heater Video Link: https://cutt.ly/BuPCsFy (shortened link to Youtube video)

Remember that safety is a shared responsibility!