It is the responsibility of Easishoppe and the Customer to follow the correct procedures to protect both parties involved.

  1. Representative from the establishment or customer must be present
    It is important that there is a representative, from the establishment, present during the delivery process. Please check that your cylinders are sealed. Each seal has a unique number and the seal guarantees that the cylinder has been filled to full capacity.
  2. Key readily available
    The key for the storage area or installation must be readily available on the day of delivery to  prevent time going to waste. Our trucks have several deliveries every day with only a certain amount of time allocated at each stop.
  3. Manifold installations
    The Easishoppe delivery staff will be responsible to connect the full cylinders and perform a soap test to ensure that there are no leaks.
  4. Dealer Customers
    Where applicable, Easishoppe is responsible for packing the full cylinders in the cage or where it is required to be stored.
  5. Returning of empty cylinders
    The amount of empty cylinders that is removed, must be indicated on the duplicate invoice
  6. Switch over to new/full bank of cylinders 
    Please make sure that the shut off valve of the empty bank is closed before opening the new valve of the new bank to prevent LPG flowing back to the empty cylinders!

By signing the invoice, the person receiving the gas agrees to the following:

  • The cylinders / gas were sealed and received in good order.
  • If applicable, a soap test has been performed by the Easishoppe drivers, making sure that there are no leaking pigtails or faulty cylinders.
  • The empties that are send back are indicated on the invoice.
  • The top copy is for your records and the second copy is for our records

Faulty cylinders & Leaks

If a cylinder is faulty or a leak is detected, it should be reported immediately. A call must be logged with the Easigas on the following number 0861 120 121

We thank you for your assistance to enable effective delivery and for your on going support