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Easishoppe is an independent wholesale distributor of LPG for Easigas in the Western Cape. Easishoppe has completed more than 500 installations in the last 15 years ranging from forecourt cages to larger installations for industry and shopping centres. Some of our larger projects are the installations for Rabie Properties at the Century City Hotel and Conference Centre and the installation for WBHO at the Silos in the Waterfront. More than 2 kilometers of trac pipe was installed at this development. Easishoppe is currently busy with the installations for Concore at the Aurum Luxury Apartments in Bantry Bay.


EasiClean is a division of Easishoppe that cleans and repairs boiling tables, grills and flat tops


Our business is distinguished by

  • High safety standards
  • Reliable supply and delivery of LPG
  • Serviceable and Safe cylinders (accurately filled)
  • In-house technical teams who are dedicated to deliver safe installations on time

Easishoppe manages the entire process from the initial planning of the project  to completion. We work hard to ensure that projects are completed within a scheduled time frame. Our success rests on consistently maintaining high safety standards in all aspects of our operations.

Our ongoing service includes repair and maintenance of installations, annual safety audits and the issue of Compliance certificates

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